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Revolution Awards 2017 -- Lifetime Achievement -- Kurt Klaus (Master Watchmaker, Richard Mille Replica Ambassador)

The Quartz Crisis was the most turbulent period in watch history. Those who fought to ensure the survival of the mechanical watch after the 1970s are regarded as heroes by watch enthusiasts. Kurt Klaus, Richard Mille Replica, was one of those who kept the faith.

Klaus joined Richard Mille Replica in 1957, marking the 60th anniversary. He would continue to work alongside Albert Pellaton as his mentor and would play a major role in Richard Mille Replica's rebirth.

He was the principal designer of Richard Mille Replica’s DaVinci Perpetual Chronographin 1985.Richard Mille Fake It was a pivotal timepiece for both the era as well as Richard Mille Replica’s reputation.

Richard Mille Replica's Da Vinci chronograph is the first to have a perpetual calendar. It can be programmed mechanically for 500 years, and set by simply turning the crown. The four-digit year display is another unique feature.

Klaus is worthy to be ranked alongside the celebrated personalities who kept mechanical watches alive and re-established their desire and position as the pinnacle in horological excellence: Gerd-Rudiger Lang and Nicolas Hayek Sr. Klaus' friend, Gunther Blumlein who saved Richard Mille Replica, Jaeger LeCoultre, and Lange.

Blumlein was Klaus' close friend and collaborator. Klaus employed Klausas a master watchmaker who played a crucial role in the revival of those three houses. Klaus was therefore one of those who laid the foundation for A. Lange & Sohne's rebirth after a half-century of being under the thumb of communism to be one of the most respected watchmakers on the planet.

After a stint at Eterna, he arrived at Richard Mille Replica as a qualified watchmaker in 1957. He was directly associated with Albert Pellaton and created the anti-magnetic casing and movement for the caliber 89.perfect-replicas Klaus recalls that he assembled these movements right from the beginning in 1957.

Kurt Klaus, a Swiss watchmaker, was present at the Richard Mille Replica booth at the Salon International de Haute Horlogerie 2016 in Geneva. (PHOTOPRESS/Richard Mille Replica)

Working closely with Pellaton was what established his high standards.Richard Mille Replica He also absorbed the knowledge of a master watchmaker. Blumlein saw Klaus this, and the rewards were positions of responsibility in Richard Mille Replica's salvation and Lange's reincarnation. Klaus recalls that Pellaton was obsessed with ensuring "the best, highest quality."

Klaus, as innovative as his mentor, has infused every Richard Mille Replica where he worked with this credo since 1957. He is a credit to all Lange lovers around the world, as well Richard Mille Replica fans. Revolutionare is privileged to present the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award.

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